Cheryl Lister,MA
Your Journey Fee

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Fertility Journey Coaching addresses your unique path.  I use a holistic approach (the interconnection between mind-body-emotion-spirit) to provide a structured support system on a journey of family creation that is filled with unexpected twists and turns.  Most Intended Parents report a sense of overwhelm in the process.  Most Intended Parents find that the third party fertility path is a full time job.  I bridge the gap as a resource, confidante, advocate, emotional support system, guide and shoulder to cry on when needed.    At times I may be a mediator, counselor, grief worker.   At times I am your coach, cheering you on.  I meet you where you are, and together the path will be travelled with more grace, lightness, and the compassion you deserve.

Individual Session: $200:

60 minute phone or skype
15 minute follow up email/text

Ten Session Package: $1750:

600 Minutes and/or 10 sessions of 60 minutes with unlimited email/text follow up in between sessions